We specialize in:

the service and repair of radiators, oil coolers, heat exchangers, air/oil charger for:

  • Antiques
  • Automobiles
  • Custom built radiators
  • Trucks
  • Forklifts and tractors
  • Generators
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Marine

Our Services include:

  • Brand new radiators
  • Repair, clean, overhaul, customize, and modify radiators
  • Recore radiators
  • A/C parts and accessories
  • Charge air coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Auto A/C services
  • General automotive repair

These links below are just for information purposes. Call your mechanics to assist you.

Howto check a compressor.

What causes radiator failure.

Howto prevent engine failure.


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